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HouseAware Platinum Contractor Recognizes the Best of the Best for Home Improvement

Little Rock, AR, January 30, 2018 – Ron Sherman Advertising has set a World Record for the number of Television Commercials produced, most for home improvement. The agency founded over 30 years ago has seen and dealt with thousands of home improvement companies that include both good ones and some great ones. They have developed a keen understanding of the qualities necessary for what makes a great reliable contractor.

Ron Sherman Advertising is now awarding those truly great contractors all over the United States with the HOUSEAWARE PLATINUM CONTRACTOR Recognition and Seal. The HOUSEAWARE PLATINUM CONTRACTOR is a third-party endorsement that signifies that a homeowner can count on this company for their next project. These PLATINUM CONTRACTORS have had years of satisfied customers and are committed to customer satisfaction by offering only the finest products at fair prices. The PLATINUM CONTRACTOR Seal provides trust, reassurance, and peace of mind to the homeowner. Some of the major things that the HOUSEAWARE PLATINUM CONTRACTOR Seal tells the homeowner is that the contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured. The selected PLATINUM CONTRACTOR for each market has a long-standing reputation for quality work and satisfied customers. Their product and labor warranties are in writing, along with having a reputation for amazing service after the sale. The requirements that makeup the PLATINUM CONTRACTOR are in place to look out for the homeowner and prevent them for falling for the same pit falls that thousands of others have dealt with. There are lots of horror stories of homeowners suffering huge problems and setbacks because their contractor did not have the proper insurance, which have led to lawsuits, etc. It is these headaches and financial distresses that a homeowner can face with an uncreditable contractor.

The HOUSEAWARE PLATINUM CONTRACTOR Seal is important to the home improvement industry because it gives credibility to the best contractors out of the thousands of home improvement companies out there. Ron Sherman says, “The best thing about our PLATINUM CONTRACTOR recognition is that it does not matter how big or small a contractor you are; rather we are just looking for the Best of the Best for each contractor’s market.” The PLATINUM CONTRACTOR is trademarked and can only be used by qualified PLATINUM CONTRACTORS. The PLATINUM CONTRACTOR Seal was established with the new online series, HouseAware, which is about improving your home inside and outside.




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